#update [October 10 2017] the MEW issue is fixed now. Now you're able to see your brilliant SND tokens directly in the wallet in the common list of all tokens.


1) How can I track the balance of the tokens?

If you use MEW, to track your tokens balance, you need to add SND token for tracking.

You need to use the following contract address:

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SND as a label

0 as decimal count.

2) Is there any difference between investing using the smart-contract and the addresses from personal account page?

No, but when you invest BTC or ETH using the addresses from your personal account page, you’ll receive your tokens in 24 hours.

3) I invested in my account, but the tokens is not appear.

The tokens should appear in 24 hours.

4) I requested the tokens withdrawal from my personal account to my own address, but nothing happens. What can I do?

You need to wait. Our managers process the requests once a day.

5) I invested from the stock exchange to the address of the crowd-sale contract, how can I get my tokens?

It is not possible. From the exchanges it's possible to invest only to addresses from personal account page. Please, contact the support of your exchange.

6) I expected to get a different number of tokens. What is the problem?

We must manage risks and have to change the SND / ETH rate periodically. So, you may request the actual rate before doing your investment.

7) I can not sign up, I did not receive a confirmation email.

Check a Spam folder.